Month: June 2008

JuneTune – I Learn Lot, My Overview & Q&A

Hi, JuneTune – A Second Premium Chat Event of Official Google WebMaster Blog. Where panelist like Matt Cutts, John Muller, Adam lasnik are answered the questions related to search, search engines and so many other useful aspects of better crawing of websites. These questions were asked by webmasters from all around the world. The Event …

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Why PPC is Useful?

PPC is the most hassle free way of advertising. It’s the most noticeable way of advertising. PPC campaigns can help your website featuring in the top page of search engines. PPC can be called the paid version of standard SEO campaigns. PPC gives instant results like gathering traffic while it takes months to standard SEO …

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Vertical Search

Untitled Document The term “search engine” refers to a software program that searches the Web and Usenet groups to find documents containing one or more specified keywords, and returns a list of documents in which the keywords were found. Broad-based search engines such as Google or Yahoo fetch very large numbers of documents using a …

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