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Improving your local search ranking on Google is important

If your business thrives on local customers then local SEO is the way to go. Local results are those that appear for people who search for businesses and services within their location. Google shows them a number of results that include maps and search. 

Did you know that 90% of consumers use search engines to find local services and 82% of users use their smartphone to look up for local businesses online. You need to show up in their search and connect with these consumers because they are your most captive audience. 

The market is highly competitive. How can you dominate the local search results? With Shrushti Digital Marketing’s local SEO strategy, you can direct customers to your business and not the competitors in your location.

Our SEO team has skills and experience in local search and understand how to drive results. We also stay updated on local search rule changes and tweak our strategies accordingly. So whether it is creation of local content or acquiring backlinks from sponsors, we can take you to the top. 

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Why Local SEO?

You want to
For all these, all you need is a local shop or service and a LOCAL SEO Expert like us .
We do, local SEO, optimization for Google Maps, local paid advertising on Google adwords and foursquare, optimize to get your listings in other local business directories, help you launch google coupons, local mobile SEO, Social Media like facebook, twitter and foursquare and other local ads.
Unleash the power of Web; you can beat brands in Local SEO War. Ask us for Quote.

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