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Vertical Search

Untitled Document The term “search engine” refers to a software program that searches the Web and Usenet groups to find documents containing one or more …

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Methods of Search Engine Optimization

Methods of Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization methods are what you apply to your website to be get ranked. SEO methods are two types …

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Sitemap.txt Support By Google, Yahoo & MSN

This isn’t the first time the major search engines have come together for an announcement regarding how they support publishers. In late 2006, all three …

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC is a method of paid advertising where websites can directly place them in the top search pages. Here the people …

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A Little About SEO

Search Engines Firstly to know about Search Engines……What they are????? About 70% to 80% of traffic comes from Search Engines. And the main thing to …

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First Post on Second BirthDay

Happy Birthday to Shrushti Web Solutions, Belated Happy Birthday to Shrushti Web Solutions and its members (it was on 1st of June). In last two …

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