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Broaden Your Digital Horizon with White Label Solutions by Experts

Whether you are a digital marketer, web designer, or a specialized agency, you might need expert hands to manage the SEO needs of your clients. We, at Shrushti, offer you the chance to provide result-oriented SEO solutions through our white label SEO services.
Rebrand our services as per your agency/business, pitch the same to your clients and leave the technical implementation to our experts. With Shrushti by your side, you will never have to worry about SEO performance, periodic SEO reports, customer service or strategy.
Our White Label SEO Solutions
We specialize in providing white label SEO solutions to agencies, SEO professionals and freelancers who want to give the best results to their clients. Our custom white label packages can be designed to suit your client’s growth goals.
White Label SEO is when two businesses collaborate together to deliver SEO services. This gives a partner company the chance to sell ready-made SEO packages and bundles. Typically, these are sold on a monthly retainer. This means that digital marketing agencies no longer need to send their clients elsewhere for SEO services. You an offer your client a complete package that includes white label SEO services. As far as the expertise is concerned, that’s where Shrushti comes in. Using our pre-made White Label packages, you can resell SEO bundles, packages, local SEO services, offer link building and reporting to your clients.

White Label SEO enables you to expand your services to your existing client base. You already have a core base of clients and you want to build brand loyalty and long-term association with them. White Label SEO services allow you to do this by:

  • Extending your agency’s core capabilities without handling the work yourself
  • Offering a full suite of digital marketing services
  • Focusing on your core strengths and reduce learning, training and investment in SEO tools
  • Achieve economies of scale without hiring more resources
  • Foster positive customer sentiments and reviews

There are various service models offered by a vendor. Typically, white label SEO includes a wide range of solutions including:

  • SEO Analysis and Auditing
  • Content generation and on-page optimization
  • White label dashboard gadgets and reports
  • Project management and consultancy

We have seen tremendous growth in agencies who have expanded with white label SEO. From increased recurring revenue to a wider number of clients. Agencies can earn a gross margin of up to 60% and cross-selling of other digital services that they offer.

Case Study: How Our Partner Reached $1.4M+/year in New SEO Clients

Case Study by Shrushti

The evidence of our capabilities lies in numbers. Agencies who have partnered with Shrushti Digital for White Label SEO start seeing results almost immediately. Our proven expertise in improving ROI and generating new SEO sales adds value to your brand equity.

Our performance-driven team and highly rated white label SEO services can boost your business and digital marketing offerings. Read how our white label SEO enabled our partner to grow by $1.4M per year in new sales.

Shed off Your SEO Management Worries with Shrushti

Get in touch with our experts to explore White Label SEO Solutions!

What will you get with our White Label SEO services?

Shrushti’s white label SEO services offer a team of experienced SEO specialists for your agency and your clients. Our goal-oriented methodology combined with a proven software and SEO service allows you to scale quickly, monitor and track results and help drive more traffic to your agency and clients. It is a win-win scenario.

Website Technical Audit

Website Audit

Instantly identify quick-wins with ranking opportunities, keyword suggestions and the rank ability of your clients’ websites.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Our content creation team comprises experts who understand SEO and provide 100% unique and fresh content.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Clients

Our incisive keyword research and analytics will provide the best recommendations for your clients to improve and increase traffic.

Link Building

Organic Link Building

Push more traffic and leads to your clients’ websites with our natural link building expertise on top ranking niche websites.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

Get immediate results with our proven skills in onsite optimization from unique content, meta data and interlinking.

Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

Use the dashboard gadgets to track your clients’ leads using site audit tools and contact forms on our software.

In many ways, the results of SEO are instant, that is fresh content and better site organization. We understand that you are looking for tangible results and ranking for your clients. The general ballpark for websites is a period of 4-6 months but we like to use the sapling analogy for this. The more you nurture and invest in your SEO efforts, the better the traction and the higher your clients’ rankings with quality traffic.  Generally, our clients seeing results anywhere between 1 and 3 months but the longer-term results are better. First page rankings typically take 6-8 months unless it is an especially complex market, in which case it take up to 8-12 months.

Shrushti’s white label reseller package is best suited for consultants, affiliates and agencies who want outcomes and improvement in page rankings. Ours is a full services digital marketing company and we have a range of plans, solutions, packages for practically all your digital marketing needs. You can resell each of these with your private label.  Our customer service is unparalleled and we will always offer you advice and consultancy where required.

As a white label SEO reseller we are simply an extension of your agency. We will take care of your day-to-day projects, organization and management of tasks, allowing you to focus on client acquisition and development.  Check out our reseller packages and program and see for yourself how we can complement your staff and resources.

Discount packages are offered for partners that guarantee a certain amount of business. For example, for our clients who grow up to $20000 worth of recurring revenue with us, we have a free platinum package on your website. Alternatively we offer 5% flat discount against your total spend. We have many other schemes such as rewarding early repayment with a discount etc. Get in touch with your project manager for more details on how to optimize your investment with us.

The good news is that we have no setup fees, nor any cancellation charges. Our SEO reseller package is based on mutual trust and consistent performance offered to you and your clients. If you are unsatisfied at any point in time, then you can discontinue our packages without worrying about penalty. However, if you have more queries regarding this, you can ask your project manager.

There are many White Label SEO resellers in the market. What makes us unique?

Our claims are backed by years of experience, expertise and evidence. We have led hundreds of successful campaigns with proven results and numbers to show the results. We can assure 60% of targeted keywords getting through the first page of Google in 6 months. We have invested in the right resources, software and our tried-and-tested strategy that makes us the best in this business. Moreover, we are constantly analyzing and tracking our efforts to see what works and what doesn’t’ and fine-tune our strategy accordingly. We test our own work intensively and stay on top of the search engine game.

Our products and solutions range from SEO to PPC and local SEO, backlink clean up, developing WordPress websites and affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, whatever be your digital marketing needs, we have got it covered.

Yes, because it is our business to stay in the know. Our standard practice is to invest a considerable amount of time and resources in learning and training. Our research and development team monitors the latest changes to search engines, algorithm updates and other trends to stay ahead of the curve. You can check out our blog for the latest changes and trends and how they impact digital marketing and the industry as a whole.

You will find the pricing information of all products and services on your dashboard after you have signed up. Signing up is completely free and provides you with the access to the dashboard that has all the details including prices. You will also find other helpful resources and material to download from the dashboard.

Absolutely! We strongly believe in optimizing our own website’s SEO and content as an example of what good SEO can do. Your website is your first impression on your clients and we need to put our own house in order first. We have a special offer for our resellers’ websites at a discounted rate.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t tie down our partners. If at any point in time, you are unhappy and want to move your clients away, you can do so without worrying about penalties or contracts.

We can work out a deal where you can directly pass on your contacts and clients to us and we will take care of their needs directly. We will offer you a commission of the total fees.

We also offer brand protection/brand repair SEO and Google AdWords management. Please take a look at the list of services and packages on your dashboard. You will find the full range of our offerings there.

Our software is up-to-date and automated. You can track and monitor all your payments and invoices centrally from the dashboard.

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